Busan Christmas Tree Festival (부산크리스마스트리문화축제)

Busan Christmas Tree Festival, Busan’s annual winter event. Fabulous LED lights, concerts, a giant Christmas tree, street performances, and other events make the event all the more festive. Busan Christmas Tree Festival (부산크리스마스트리문화축제) Main Photo Busan Christmas Tree Festival (부산크리스마스트리문화축제) Information 📌Address: 58-2, Gwangbok-ro, Jung-gu, Busan 🌍Website: bctf.kr 😎Sponsor Information 1: Busan Christmas Tree Festival … Read more

Andong Mask Dance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)

Andong Mask Dance Festival takes place in Andong, home of the UNESCO World Heritage designated Andong Hahoe Village. The festival includes various cultural performances including Korea’s mask dance drama, an intangible cultural heritage, and mask dance performances from around the world. In addition to watching performances, visitors can also participate in a variety of hands-on … Read more

Cancelled Daegaya Festival (대가야체험축제)

Daegaya (AD 42-562) was a nation that inhabited the Korean Peninsula around the 4th Century. The nation was a sophisticated nation that even at this early age possessed extremely high standards of culture. They created the Gayageum (a twelve-stringed traditional Korean harp). Through the relics found in the area, the nation was thought to be … Read more

Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival (군포철쭉축제)

City of Gunpo, filled with charming pink azaleas, will overwhelm the viewers’ hearts with excitement. The annual festival will hold memorable events and entertainment for visitors to enjoy. Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival (군포철쭉축제) Main Photo Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival (군포철쭉축제) Information 📌Address: 407 , Beonyeong-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do 🌍Website: www.gunpofestival.org 😎Sponsor Information 1: Gunpo-si 📞Sponsor Contact … Read more

Ttangkkeut Sunset & Sunrise Festival (땅끝 해넘이해맞이축제)

Ttangkkeut Sunset & Sunrise Festival takes place annually December 31 – January 1 at Ttangkkuet Village in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do. The festival includes a sunset and sunrise ceremony. The festival is famous for the unique view of the sunrise between Hyeongjebawi Rocks next to Galduhang Port. Ttangkkeut Sunset & Sunrise Festival (땅끝 해넘이해맞이축제) Main Photo Ttangkkeut … Read more

Hwangtohyeon Donghak Peasant Revolution Commemoration (황토현동학농민혁명기념제)

Through the support of the Jeongeup City Council, the Commemoration of the Hwangtohyeon Donghak Peasant Revolution aims to remind visitors the significance of the invaluable cultural asset that is the Donghak Peasant Revolution. Visitors can learn more about the historic event through various event programs. Hwangtohyeon Donghak Peasant Revolution Commemoration (황토현동학농민혁명기념제) Main Photo Hwangtohyeon Donghak … Read more

Incheon Soraepogu Port Festival (인천소래포구축제)

Sorae in Incheon, despite its proximity to the metropolitan area, still maintains the atmosphere of an old fishing village and its importance in the nation’s fishing industry. The Soraepogu Port Festival has become such a popular event that it is attended by throngs of national and international tourists each year. During the festival, the roads … Read more

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival (부여서동연꽃축제)

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival has been designated as an excellent festival four years in a row by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The festival takes place every July during the summer’s peak when the lotus flowers bloom. The festival is based on a historical love story, with programs and performance events focused on … Read more

Damyang Bamboo Festival (담양대나무축제)

The Damyang Bamboo Festival takes place annually in May to celebrate the beauty and value of Damyang’s natural bamboo forest. The festival features various experience and educational programs open to locals and visitors alike. Visitors can also enjoy some of Damyang’s local specialities as well as visit nearby attractions. Damyang Bamboo Festival (담양대나무축제) Main Photo … Read more

Seoul Design Festival (서울디자인페스티벌)

Seoul Design Festival first launched in 2002 based on content featured on the monthly “Design” and network ties in the design industry. The festival aims to promote designers, brands, and corporations as well as introduce local and international design trends. The festival also encourages domestic and international designers, as well as those who work in … Read more